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1)  Fingerprint Chip
ADEL fingerprint chip is a fingerprint processor delicately created by Adel and TI Company. It was born in ADEL R&D design centre on 8th October, 2005, which is the first most advanced fingerprint chip in fingerprint technique all over the world. There were altogether 8 chips integrated that can quickly identify fingerprint within 1 second. Furthermore, it supports fingerprint identification in any angle within 360°. 

2) Fingerprint Arithmetic
ADEL fingerprint arithmetic has won the copyright awarded by National Copyright Administration. It can identify the fingerprint motherboard in the fingerprint lock in any angle within 360°.

3) Fingerprint optical module
ADEL fingerprint optical module solves the three difficulties existing in present optical fingerprint identification module. They are dry fingerprint adaptability, product consistency, product volume and thickness.

4) Mortise
For decades, ADEL has researched and developed nearly ten different types of lock core with different functions, won more than fifty inventions and utility models, and accorded with American ANSI standard and European EN standard.

5) Clutch
ADEL Group began to engage in research and develop work of electronic lock clutch in 1994. It has promoted lock core clutch for A lock core B lock core, and bumper lock core. Besides it has also developed the electronic lock clutch from the first generation to the forth generation.

6) PCB
ADEL PCB board standard electronic module is sealed design, dustproof, waterproof, anticorrosive, and antistatic. Therefore it is much more safe, and stable. Furthermore it can be replaced or maintained all over the world.

7) Interface function
Lock management software of ADEL company has five international standard interface functions, including FISA0 interface, RS232 (pms-vc) interface, file interface, WINSOCKET interface, and DLL interface.

The interface for FISA software was successfully tested in December 2002.

8) Adopting American integrated circuit thick-film technique, largely reducing the damage of the lock.
ADEL introduced international aviation and spaceflight thick-film integrated circuit technique from America, and applied it to the electronic lock, endowing the product with excellent moisture protection, waterproof, dustproof, antivibration and aging resistance.


9) SMT equipment prolonging the service life of electronic part of lock
Since the traditional electronic parts and components is difficult to compress, complicated to assemble and high in malfunction, ADEL Group invested a huge capital to introduce overseas SMT equipment, compressing the electronic parts and components into one out of dozens of the original ones, realizing high density assembly, high reliability and automatic produce.


10) PVD (gold) surface processing technology prolonging the service life of the lock face as long as ten times
ADEL introduced PVD surface processing equipment from America. The surface of the lock has been processed by hi-tech nanon technique, which can not only prevent weathering and ultraviolet radiation, but also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and disinfection and sterilization, increasing the service life of the lock body surface ten times longer than before.
11) Standard electronic lock process line
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