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ADEL GroupProductsADEL E7F4 (Fingerprint + Password)
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ADEL E7F4 (Fingerprint + Password)
Applicable places:Office;Residential;
Available colors:Satin Chrome with Golden edge;
Unlock mode:FingerprintPasswordMechanical key
European standard mortise, enhance flexibility
Water-proof and dust proof with silicone keypad, sealed by metal
The lock can be set 3 groups for fingerprint storage, including “Master”, “Member” and “Temporary”. Master group could add or delete the fingerprint where is store in member group and temporary group. It enhances easier and reliable for user to self-manage.
It is more convenience and reliable when the deadbolt is reach out due to rotating the front or back handle upward.
The lock is activated by infra-red sensor, more stylish and convenience.
User can press any button to activate the blue background light for convenience to use in night or dark condition.
Low voltage alert feature and emergency power supply port feature, enhancing more reliable to maintain power supply.
Passage mode: more convenience for meeting or gathering use.
Antistrike feature: When the door is closed, the antistrike latch is pressed against the door frame, which prevents the door from being opened simply by tiny things like credit card.
It is more securable and reliable of the alarm feature when the door is not close or the latches is not reach out properly.
The lock is accredited by CE and FCC
Technical Features
The maximum string of digits for one set password: 11 digits
Fingerprint capacity: 120
Fingerprint template registration: twice for each fingerprint to generate a template
Fingerprint update automatically
Fingerprint templates are stored automatically
Fingerprint Verification time less than 1 second
Verification – 1: N
FRR ≤1%
FAR ≤0.0001%
Angle for finger verification: any angle
30 mega pixel CMOS sensor
Fingerprint sensor DPI: 500 DPI
The damage resistance of sensor is high, e.g. sensor is not damage with the impact of 4H pencil 1000 times
Static power consumption: less than 40μA
Dynamic power consumption: less than 200μA
Power supply requirement: 4 pieces of 1.5V alkaline battery, 6V direct current
Battery life cycle: Around 10,000 times
Power supply: 4 pieces of AA alkaline batteries or along with 6V~9V external interface powered
Low voltage alert: lower than 4.5V
Activate motor operation: 0.5 seconds
Lead time between lock and unlock: 5 seconds
Storage temperature: -10℃~ +55℃
Storage humidity: 10~98%RH
Operation temperature:-10℃~ 50℃
Operation humidity: 45-85%RH
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