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【Manual】 Safe Box Instructions
【Manual】 E7F4 Instructions
【Manual】 ADEL-4910/4920(3-in-1) Instructions
【Manual】 Trinity 788 Instructions
【Manual】 DIY-3798 Instructions
【Manual】 DIY-3398 Instructions
【Video】 Home in my heart
【Video】 3D video for ADEL US3-8908 is launched
【Video】 3D video for ADEL US3-6 is launched(JTD-L)
【Video】 3D video for ADEL US3-6 is launched(JTD)
【Video】 ADEL production base
The great successful of ADEL Group is relying on the efforts of our high efficient production line and strict quality control which is the outcome of USA and China patent technology combination. With the support of advanced imported machinery, we are now the biggest fingerprint sensor manufacturer and one of the most sizeable and reliable microchip productions firm in China. ADEL Group will keep on investing in the supply chain to bring you more surprising security products.
【Video】 Happy culture
ADEL Group has recognized the importance of human resource development years before. That's why the exclusive "ADEL's culture"was built. By contributing lots of focus and resources, we not only providing a wide range of professional training courses and comfortable workplace and, but also excellent promotion chance as well as promising lifelong career path. ADEL Group is always a great place to work and we wish to share our happiness with you all.
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