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Cartoon Lock

DIY! Establish Self-space, Start from Tiger Lock.

Currently, Chinese children’s practical ability is relatively backward comparing with other countries. According to statistics, China is one of the countries that have the highest IQ in the world, and the average IQ is 14 higher than the USA. However, owing to China’s development, life impact, and ideological constraint, Chinese children have developed a habit of studying without practicing since childhood. They will find the answers from books to resolve all the problems they don’t understand. Gradually, they understand a lot of knowledge, but they still lack practical ability, which is the advantage of many developed countries.

The final purpose of designing and manufacturing Tiger lock by ADEL is to offer more opportunities for children to practice. Tiger lock not only contains application of hi-tech fingerprint technology which can ensure children make contact with the world’s most advanced technology earlier but also has relatively simple installation process. We hope that children can learn more communication and cooperation with parents by installing the lock, enrolling fingerprints, etc. under the parents’ guidance, enhance practical ability and thinking ability, and get a full exercise of logical thinking.

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