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ADEL GroupSpecial purpose door lock system solutions
Special purpose door lock system solutions

I. Products:
1, Fit for: ADEL special purpose lock can be applied to the military, armed forces depot, police armory, medical libraries, banks, and other special industry security door;

A. Integrated steel structure lock cast structure and anti-destruction stainless steel front plate, more durable and reliable;
B. Full stainless steel mortise;
C. Dual fingerprint to open, avoid mismanagement effectively;
D Simple, secure settings mode, with a stand-alone full management function;
E. Concealed built-in golden point atomic emergency mechanical key;
F. Large capacity fingerprint memory;
G. Both single and multi-deadbolt mortise available.

II.Second, special industry dedicated lock products:
US3-8908 dual fingerprints lock for special industry
US-3 dual fingerprint lock for special industry

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