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ADEL GroupA90 RF card hotel door lock system solutions
A90 RF card hotel door lock system solutions

I. Introduction
ADEL hotel lock management system is supported by SQL Server for data management, fit for large amount data storage, fast respond, user friendly interface system.

II. System components
1. Software
The ADEL A90 hotel management system

with simple steps to interface with hotel PMS (Property Management System)
Able to manage elevator floor control, and in room power saver control
Multi layer room control
Audit trail with 800 access records
Audit trail can track who and when issue the access key
Network terminal or standalone terminal available
Microsoft SQL server
Fingerprint access for higher security
Standard Windows 7 operation system
Works with ADEL all model RFtechnology door lock system and accessories
Group check-in function

ADEL hotel lock management software interface oriented hotel management software developers and secondary development interface or data exchange interface protocol, they can be divided into the following criteria according to different use transmission medium: DLL (dynamic link library) outside the application interface, including Fidelio interface, File interface, Socket interface, PMS-VC interface;

2. Lock
The ADEL RF technology electronic hotel door lock
Radio Frequency Identification (RF) provides the most secure and easy to use electronics locking system for hotels.
The RF technology offered by ADEL adapts the RFstandard

Simple to use, just wave the card at the lock sensor area, suitable for all types of guest
Security: Can not be copied by others, where as magnetic card, which can be copied easily
Durable: for hotel management level card holders, the RF card is much more durable than the magnetic cards
With RF technology, all the lock PCB can be sealed and protected, and because it is contactless therefore the lock will have a much longer use life.

3. Accessories
Encoder: issue / read / extract data / client’s information enquiry..etc

Query card: extract door unlocking record, even unlock by mechanical key

Guest card: for guest general use

Energy saving switch: power on when card plug in.

4. Additional product
Access control: support up to 15 passages, authorization according to different card types and floors, e.g.: back door, swimming pool, car park…etc

Elevator controller: single floor model / multi-floor model available, authorization according to different card types and floors.

Fingerprint safebox: The ADEL S150 hotel fingerprint safe is the best security safe that the hotel can provide to the guests. Just enroll fingerprint to lock the safe, and unlock the safe will delete the fingerprint at the same time.

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